The Student Voice Index

Today’s students face enormous challenges, yet students are rarely heard when decisions are being made. As students call on their institutions to consider their perspective on finances, health, and safety, there’s an immediate need to discover which colleges and universities have cracked the code to shared governance.

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The New Standard for Empowering Student Voice

The Student Voice Index (SVI) is designed with students and institutional leaders in mind. This new tool is meant to illustrate the role of student voice in institutional decision-making. NCLC surveyed 200 student body presidents from over 200 institutions, including public flagships, research institutions, regional campuses, private liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and minority-serving institutions.

A Seat at the Table: Ohio State University

At Ohio State University, student leaders join faculty and administrators on the University Senate to help bring student issues to the forefront.

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What is "Student Voice"?

A student’s agency to exercise, and institutional inclusion of, thoughts, ideas, and opinions in shared governance and related processes and environments that drive decision-making.

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