Student Voice In Action

To gain an understanding of student voice, we spoke with campus leaders about their role and engagement with institutional leaders as a part of our Student Voice Collaborative.

A Seat at the Table: Ohio State University

At Ohio State University, student leaders join faculty and administrators on the University Senate to help bring student issues to the forefront.

What is "Student Voice"?

A student’s agency to exercise, and institutional inclusion of, thoughts, ideas, and opinions in shared governance and related processes and environments that drive decision-making.

Get Specialized Training

With only 55% of study participants believing they are very influential as a student leader on campus, SVI confirms the need for value of student voice at the institutional decision-making level. NCLC believes all individuals on campus should have access to the Student Voice Index tool to improve students’ satisfaction on college campuses.

You can support student voice on your campus by signing up for Student Voice Trainings, led by the policy experts from NCLC. Training and research briefing is available for all students and institutional leaders and administrators. To learn more, contact NCLC at