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Get ahead of challenges facing students by engaging student leaders throughout your decision-making process. Here’s a rundown of how college administrators, faculty leaders, and other campus partners can use the Student Voice Index.

Across the higher education system, college leaders face growing challenges affecting their students and institutions. From college affordability and financial stability to mental health and campus safety, more college and university presidents are seeking innovative tools that provide guidance on how to address these complex topics. With SVI, we set out to provide institutional leaders with a new framework that enables them to unlock insight and potential solutions early on by partnering with student leaders. Here are some of the ways you can address students’ needs and concerns by leveraging student voice in all levels of decision-making.
  • Join NCLC as an institutional partner. We are working with institutions like American University and the University of Cincinnati to put the SVI framework into practice, taking into account the unique environment surrounding student voice on each campus.
  • Download the U.S. Institutions Fact Sheet for information on institutions involved in the SVI study and tips on enhancing student voice. NCLC recognizes that student voice may vary based on institutional type. See what opportunities for growth may work best for you and your students!
  • Strengthen your relationships with SGA members with SVI Training. Shared governance and open communication are important mechanisms for engaging these key stakeholders throughout the academic year.
  • Activate student insights through speaking and voting privileges for student leaders involved with the governing board. According to our research, giving a student full speaking rights is one of the most critical ways to strengthen student voice.
  • Commit to improving student voice on your campus by committing to student involvement in institutional governance as an SVI Partner.


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