Student Advocates

Students have been drivers and champions of major political and cultural awakenings throughout modern history, and today’s student leaders are no different.

In the U.S., student government associations (SGA) serve as the direct channel of student voice between the student population and institutional leaders. Those managing that channel are the SGA presidents, a unique group of students representing a growing and diverse student population. As research and debate continue around the appropriate role of students in institutional decision-making, it is critical to understand the current state of student voice. Here are some of the ways you can address students needs by advocating for better inclusion of student voice at the decision-making level.
    • Download and print copies of the official research report, SGA Presidents Fact Sheet, and U.S. Institutions Fact Sheet for your organization. Educate them about the realities of student leadership and why the voices of student leaders are critical to the success of every college student.
    • Commit to raising awareness on student involvement in institutional governance as an SVI Partner. We're currently working with institutions and associations from across the country to raise awareness on student involvement in institutional governance.
    • When taking action in support of or against policies that will impact students, be sure to reach out to student leaders for their input on local and national issues. Students who are more involved in the decision-making process early on feel more influential and prepared to represent the student voice of the campus community.


    Student Voice Index Report Student Voice Index Fact Sheet: Student Body Presidents Student Voice Index Fact Sheet: U.S. Institutions Student Voice Index Partnership

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