As a student leader, you are an advocate for the interests of the student body, however, your agency in institutional decision-making is often limited. Learn more about how to elevate your voice to be included in conversations where decisions are made.

As the higher education system seeks to adapt to our changing world, student perspectives are needed more than ever to help address students’ needs. Student leaders represent a growing and diverse student population. That is why your perception of voice and influence is critical to the success of your fellow classmates. Here are some of the ways you can get your institution's leaders on board to enhance student voice on your campus for more inclusive student outcomes.
  • Download and print copies of both the official Student Voice Index research report and SGA Presidents Fact Sheet for your college president and governing board members. Educate them about the realities of student leadership, the importance of cultivating your leadership, and how they can best support you.
  • Commit to raising awareness on student involvement in institutional governance as an SVI Partner. We're currently working with institutions and industry associations from across the country to strengthen student involvement in institutional governance.
  • Schedule time to meet with senior administrators and members of the governing board outside of regular meetings to create genuine relationships that strengthen your position and presence before you get to the table.
  • Get the ultimate student voice makeover with SVI Training. NCLC will create a specialized plan for you that will improve internal communication, student engagement, and increased student voice on your campus.


Student Voice Index Report Student Voice Index Fact Sheet: Student Body Presidents Student Voice Index Partnership Student Voice Index Training

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